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Joining a team...

> How do I join a team?

> Where are games played and practices held?

> Do all the teams practice and have coaches?

> When do teams play?

> Can I play on two different teams in the GGWSL?

> How much does it cost?

> I have some piercings I can't remove... will this be a problem?

> I'm transsexual / cross-gendered. May I play in the league?

> I've never played soccer before, but I really want to learn. What are my options?



Starting or adding a team...

> What do I need to know to add a team?

> How many players can be on a team?

> I already have a full team; how do we sign up?

> I don't have a full team, but we really want to play together... What are our options?

> Our team's pretty good – do we have to start in the bottom division?

> How much does it cost?



Team management duties...

> What do I need to know to manage a team?

> What do I need to do before the season starts?

> Do I need to do anything differently for the O-35 team I manage?

> I have a players who isn't 35 yet – can she play on my O-35 team?

> How many players can be on the team?

> I have a player that is going to be out for the rest of the season, and I want to add a replacement player... what are my options?

> What do we need to bring to each game?

> What do we need to keep track of during each game?

> We forgot the player passes for a game – can we still play?

> The ref let a player on our team play who didn't have her player card, and the other team said it was OK. We won, and now they say it was a forfeit. Who's right?

> What do we do if a player is injured?

> I got injured, how do I file an insurance claim with CSAN?

> How do we report our game results?

> The ref didn't show; what now?

> We have a fan / coach / player / bystander who's a registered ref – can they be a "substitute ref" so we can still play and have our game count?

> What's the deal with "challenge matches"? We thought our season was over!

> Some of the penalties and rules seem kinda harsh... what's up with that?



Some last questions...

  • What is our Tax ID#? 20-2480759


Interesting Tidbit

GGWSL has been around for over 40 years!  Our League commenced in the 1970's with 4 teams!  Wow, look at us now - over 40 teams and more than 1,000 players!!!

2004 SF Gate Article about GGWSL - www.sfgate.com/sports/article/31-YEARS-52-TEAMS-Golden-Gate-Women-s-Soccer-2723544.php

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