Log in to your profile

From your personal profile page, under MY LEAGUES (right column), hit the link to your team (under CURRENT TEAM)

Now on your team profile page (under the team name), you will find the following 6 options

  1. The HOME page will return you to your team home profile page
  2. STATISTICS will display player stats for the current season
  3. STAT HISTORY will show you player and team stats for all the years your team has been in existence
  4. Hit GAME CARD and you will be able to print your game card. Please make sure that all players’ CSAN numbers are added (see 5. EDIT ROSTER)
  5. Hit ROSTER if you would like to do any of the following
  • VIEW ROSTER – Hit EMAIL EVERYONE ON THE ROSTER (bottom of the page) to contact the entire team  
  • ATTENDANCE – Keep seasonal track of players’ game absences. Check boxes and then hit SUBMIT (bottom of the chart)
  • EDIT ROSTER (make sure to hit UPDATE ROSTER, at bottom of the page after making any of the following changes or updates)

                             *  Make a player active or inactive (check the box by players’ name)

                             *  Make a player one of the team managers (check the box by the players’ name)

                             *  Add a player’s jersey number (under UNI # column, add jersey number)

                             *  Add a player’s CSAN Player Pass number (under PLAYER ID, input CSAN Player Pass #)


  • ADD PLAYERS – After a player requests to be placed on your team, you will be able to add them to your roster. Check the box(es) of the player(s) you would like to add.  Hit ADD PLAYERS.
  • DROP PLAYERS – Check the box(es) of the player(s) you would like to remove from your roster. Hit DROP SELECTED PLAYERS at the bottom of the page.
  • DOWNLOAD (we do not use)
  • UPLOAD (we do not use)
  • EDIT RATINGS (self-rating of players)

6. EDIT PAGE - From here you can update team news, history and advertising. You can also change the colors of your team pages.  Hit UPDATE DATA (bottom of the page) to save all changes.




  • After logging in, go to your team home page.
  • Under the TEAM SCHEDULE look for COMP (short for the type of competition).  Hit LEAGUE for the game you would like to file a report.
  • You are now on the GAME REPORT PAGE.
  • Each team has the same information mirrored on the page.  Use the the drop down menu on the side of your team's to report the following.


  1. Your team score
  2. Your opponent's conduct score
  3. Rating of the referee
  4. Start time of the game
  5. Goals
  6. Assists


  • If you would like to add any comments, use the space under TEAM COMMENTS.  If there are any injuries, please include them in this space.
  • Make sure to hit SAVE CHANGES (right side).


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