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Reporting an Injury

Referee Reporting

If a player is injured during the course of a match, the referee should note the game card with the following information:

  • Player's Name
  • Player's Jersey Number
  • Name of Player's Team
  • Nature of Injury

Team Reporting

Q. How do I report and injury?
A. Within a week of the incident, the team representative or affected party must complete and submit an Incident Report Form to the VP of Discipline, Susan Hopkins at vpdiscipline@ggwsl.org.
Q. Should I report an injury if more than a week has passed since the incident?
A. Yes, if you become aware of the injury more than a week after the incident you may still submit an Incident Report Form. Submit the from to the VP of Discipline, Susan Hopkins at vpdiscipline@ggwsl.org.

Other Issues Related to Injury and Conduct

In addition to obvious injury, if a player subs out for injury it must be noted on the game card.

Occasionally, there are problems with inappropriate conduct and comments of players, coaches, and spectators. Teams are asked to monitor the conduct of their coaches, players, and fans so that there is no need for official procedures.

If a player has a concern about another player's conduct during a game, the appropriate procedure is for her to inform her team captain, who can then alert the referee.

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