Sponsorship Opportunities

GGWSL has many sponsorship and partner opportunities.  We'd love to work with your company.  Please contact Angela Bailey president@ggwsl.org for more information.

Find a Sponsor for GGWSL & Earn Money for your Team

Here's you opportunity to get $300 for your team and lower every team's League fees. We want more deals like the ones we landed with Safeway and Kaiser that brought us $20,000 in cash and goodies.

The process is simple.

You may work at - or have close ties to - a company that sells products, services or whatever, and would love to have a tight marketing relationship with our league. We have over 1200 women who collectively represent the Bay Area demographics that make advertisers swoon.

  1. Contact someone in Marketing to suggest they consider a sponsorship/advertising program with GGWSL. This is a marketing deal, NOT a play for charitable contributions unless your company has donation bucks that must be spent this year.
  2. When you get a favorable response (think positive here), contact Angela Bailey at president@ggwsl.org with the name and contact info for the right marketing or other exec who will make the final decision.
  3. Angela and the GGWSL crew will come in to help close the deal.
  4. When we close a deal of $10,000 - $20,000, your team makes $300 and extra merchandise if merchandise is part of the deal. Not a bad take for 15 minutes of your time.

That's it. Any company that markets products or services to businesses and/or individuals is a potential GGWSL sponsor. You don't have to do any selling, just introduce the idea to the right people. If you're good at closing deals, ok, then go as far as you can with it.

Get the word out today!

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